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Rosslyn Park take a win against Quins' Ladies
Sunday saw Quins Ladies kick off their league campaign against local friends and rivals,
Rosslyn Park. Taking to the field in the beautiful sunshine, both teams strode out with a
distinct sense of purpose and determination to take control of the game from the off.
Back and forth throughout the first half, each side tested their opposing defence, seeking
to tease out any exploitable weaknesses with Quins Ladies governing much of the play.
Disappointingly though, they were unable to find a route through the Rosslyn Park
defence. As we headed towards the close of the first half, Rosslyn Park capitalised on
some great team work and popped through to score the first points of the game.
Disappointingly, this turned into a game of two distinct halves. Having dominated for
most of the first half, Quins Ladies found themselves on the back foot in the second and
despite valiant efforts throughout the team Rosslyn Park found their way round the
defence and over the line to score.
The 0-27 score line belies the work the team put in this weekend and, if I do say so
myself, casts a shadow over Quins Ladies’ performance that is not truly warranted.
Congratulations to Rosslyn Park for as always a very challenging and enjoyable game,
we look forward to our next meeting in the season and wish you all the best with the rest
of your games.
Forward of the match for Quins Ladies was Mel Antao, taking a break from her usual
duties as a wing to do some damage off the flank; while Luana Beltramini shone in the
back line as back of the match. Notable mentions go particularly to those playing for
their first time and for those playing out of position – great work team!
As always, spectating is actively encouraged! If you would like to watch Quins Ladies in
action, check our relaunched website for details of our fixtures …

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