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Rosslyn Park Ladies hamper Quin's Ladies
Quins Ladies journeyed to Rosslyn Park on Halloween to take on a team that enjoyed a great win against Quins in a memorial game at the end of last season with the hope of reversing that game putting some old ghosts to rest.

Early into the game Park attempted a quick chip up the field only to be halted by a beasty tackle from Quins Ladies. Park pushed on though, driving Quins closer to their try line, inch by inch and a close call penalty gave them the opportunity to put the first points on the board unfortunately for them, missing the kick. A Park knock on gave Quins the scrum but the ball was lost in the melee that ensued and Park managed to make a clean break up the wing to slip passed Quins’ defence and score the first try of the game which they converted.

Re-starting the game, Quins Ladies put the pressure back on Park and forced a line out in which the ever great Kyra Howell comfortably collected the ball. Mauling it up the field Quins retained possession and the following kick up the pitch by fly half Jayne Goodliffe saw Park knock on and another Quins’ scrum. Quins’ forwards were phenomenal in the set piece in this game and rode roughshod over the Park pack, each shove brought Quins tantalisingly close to the opposite try line but were unable to nudge across the line.

A Rosslyn Park kick up the field was ably collected by winger Jemma Cooper who sped off up the pitch, making a lot of ground and raising our spectators’ hearts as she ducked under a tackle and shipped the ball out. Becs Rowe ensured we didn’t forget her name as she injected a little bit of pace and a lot of raw strength to the field, propelling herself towards the try line and through a number of the opposition. Once more Quins Ladies were frustrated from pushing over some well-needed points.

From the platform of Park scrum, the opposition retained possession but were deep in their own half and desperately trying to make use of the ball. A kick to some space up field was collected by Jemma Cooper who powered up the field, out to Amy Smith, then Captain Nat Smith to Becs Rowe whose strength in tackles gave Quins a penalty kick that Goodliffe sent sailing over the posts and as half time brought a modicum of respite for the team, the score was 7-3.

Alas, Quins Ladies were to be confounded in the second half as try as they might, they could not squeeze past the Rosslyn Park defence. Attack followed attack as Quins Ladies camped out in Park’s own half but as each wave hit, Park withstood the pressure and forced Quins back, only for them to re-set for the next wave of try-hungry Quins players to hit the ball up.

As both teams began to feel the end drawing nigh, Rosslyn Park gathered their strength and raided into Quins Ladies’ half, soaring up the wing to score their second and final try of the game, then skilfully slotting the ball through the posts.

A hard-fought game for the Ladies and a disappointing result for the effort and skill they demonstrated. But as I always say, it could always be worse! With excitement and more than a little bit of passion to bring every bit of strength, talent and tenacity, the Ladies look forward to hosting Thurrock this coming weekend for what will most assuredly be a crusade to remember!

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