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Quins' Ladies wrangle with Wimbledon for first league game of the season
A glorious day brought forth Quins Ladiesí second league game of the season against recent addition to the league Wimbledon Ladies. Without a shadow of a doubt, the visitors were up for a battle and intent from the kick off to take the game to Quins Ladies. As Wimbledon wracked up the pressure, a fine defence from Connie Critchlow, Kyra Howell and Chloe Taylor staved off the attacking onslaught until Wimbledon managed to force their way over the line to take the first score of the game and converted it. Slightly disheartened but with the fire building in their chests, Quins Ladies stepped up their game and plunged into Wimbledonís half. From the bottom of the scrum, Captain Nat Smith produced some great work to drive towards the try line only to be held up, but Quins were not to disappoint the gathered spectators as Jayne Goodliffe surged over the line to score, unfortunately not converted.

Some messy play in the midfield saw both teams give away a number of penalties but it allowed new wing Jemma Cooper to shine as she made some great breaks up her wing, ably supported by Nat Smith, and the Quinsí centres Becs Rowe and Katy Strudwick put pressure on Wimbledonís defence. Once more Quins Ladies found themselves tantalisingly close to the try line, once more were they bitterly disappointed as Wimbledon fought hard to hold the ball up. As Quins took possession, the deft feet of Miss Goodliffe flew her out to the corner of the pitch and over the try line for the second time this half. The conversion unluckily fell short.

Half time flittered away as Quins Ladies kicked off the restart and an unlucky knock on by Wimbledon gifted Quins a scrum with a tasty pick and go from Nat at 8, through to scrum half Amy Smith who shipped it to Goodliffe placing the ball almost right into Wimbledonís corner. A great chase by Jemma Cooper pressured Wimbledon in their own half but a return kick took the ball back down the field and into touch. Quins grasped back possession and as the forwards hammered onwards, progressively getting closer to the try line, Captain Nat Smith penetrated the defence to score, happily converted by Goodliffe.

Wimbledon would not go quietly however and attempted to break through Quinsí defensive line, only to be driven into touch. Traversing the pitch, Wimbledon sought out weakness on the opposing wing. A quick take and pass out to the formidable Wimbledon 14 secured another try for the visitors and the conversion took the score line to 17-14.

Fortune was on the side of Quins Ladies this day nevertheless and their defence stood firm as each side sniffed out opportunities to exploit the otherís Achilles' heel. As the whistle brought the game to an end, Quins Ladies cheerfully enjoyed their win and the achievement of all of their pre-game goals. Congratulations to the whole team on a well fought win.

Forward of the match: Kyra Howell
Back of the match: Jemma Cooper

Harlequin Ladiesí Squad: Katherine Smith (prop), Jane Hoyes (hooker), Hannah Clarke (prop), Chloe Taylor (second row), Kyra Howell (second row), Connie Critchlow (blindside flanker), Ana Laura Gil de Sola Piqueras (open-side flanker), Nat Smith (number 8 and Team Captain), Amy Smith (scrum half), Jayne Goodliffe (fly half), Jemma Cooper (winger), Rebecca Rowe (centre), Katy Strudwick (centre), Jane Hill (winger), Marloes Van Duuren (fullback). Subs: Alex Leigh, Mel Antao, Rhi Needham

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